Shaun Mandy Showing A Great Quality Canter Stride

How To Get The Correct Canter Lead And What Not To Do

Struggling to get the correct canter lead and finding yourself in a pickle? It’s not uncommon for riders to struggle to get the correct canter lead. Here are my tips for improving your chances! Forward Thinking Without Rushing When riding a canter transition from the trot, ensure that your horse travels forward in a good rhythm to your outside rein. It is important that your horse is in front of your leg and that you are not asking for every trot step...

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Dressage Trainer Shaun Mandy Helps Riders With Young Horses

Three Mistakes Riders Can Make With A Young Horse

#1. Mistakes Riders Can Make: Doing It Alone Doing it alone. It takes a lot of skill and experience to start a young horse up and train them correctly. Many people are under the impression that if they can ride a young horse, then they can train a young horse. This is not always the case! If you are going to buy a young horse and do not have the experience or ability to train them, please don’t try and do...

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